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Women on Boards Panel Session
How to get the best out of voluntary boards.  March 2018

Women in Banking and Finance Education Session
How to move from voluntary boards to commercial boards  Feb 2018

PRMIA EMEA Risk Leader Summit
Panelist on Risk Culture and Risk Careers October 2017

Women in Finance
Presentation to LSE first year students about career opportunities in Finance October 2017

Financial Markets:  A Changing Landscape
Presentation to LSE about career opportunities in Finance September 2016 and September 2017

What do traders do?
Presentation to Solicitors and QCs on how the financial industry works. March 2016
Presentation hosted by QEB Hollis Whiteman

Sitting on a board –
What do board members do and how do you get there? October 2015
Presentation hosted by AmbitionFirst

Women in Hedge Funds, Career Management September 2015
Presentation on career management for women in finance.

Market Microstructure, Liquidity and Automated Trading July 2015
Guest Lecture on Market Microstructure and how it is changing given new regulation

WOW Festival March 2015
Women and Risk panel with Martine Croxall, Jo Milne, Angie Le Mar, Issie Barratt

Science and Finance March 2015
Royal Institution 14-10 Club talk

Markit Magazine Dec 2014

Issues of Trust November 2014

Lessons from an entrepreneur September 2014  
Stanford Business School’s London Women’s Network

How to be successful in Financial Markets  

LSE September 2013, 2014, 2015

Oxford-Mann Institute March 2014

LBS September 2013 and 2014

Do you want to be educated or regulated?  September 2013

Hosted by Schroders and The Prince’s Trust

The Law of Unintended Consequences May 2013
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Behavioural Aspects of Markets & Their Contribution to Complexity April 2013

Scottish Financial Risk Academy, Sixth Risk Colloquium, Keynote Speaker

The value of scholarships and bursaries March 2013
Presentation to the supporters of the Crichton Foundation on the benefits of bursaries and scholarships for women.

Life in finance February 2013
It’s Rainmaking Time interview.

Are bankers crazy;-)  January 2013
Dutch Public Television Documentary on the Mentality of the Trader.  Terri Duhon was interviewed for the documentary.

Option Trading Strategy  January 2013
Lecture at LBS for financial markets interview prep.

Where are the women on the trading floor? December 2012
Article by Terri Duhon published in The Next Woman

How To Be Successful in Financial Markets
London Business School December 5 2012
MIT and HBS November 27 2012
Imperial College London November 6 2012
Cornell September 27 2012

In order to appreciate the key roles and responsibilities on the trading floor, it is important to understand the broader role that banks play in financial markets which is that of liquidity provider and intermediator.  In particular this helps to distinguish the fine line between market maker and prop trader which is the current contentious issue around the Volker rule.  It is also helpful to understand the risks that individuals are incentivized to take in financial markets (both financial and reputational).  Drawing on her personal experience as a derivatives trader for 10 years on the trading floor, Terri Duhon gives some pointers to success as well as highlighting the key pitfalls in the financial markets space for new hires.

Banking Ethics:  An Oxymoron?
Reed Smith Women in Structured Finance November 20 2012

With finance under the microscope today, the topic of banker’s ethics is constantly being analysed.  What is often badly misunderstood in this analysis is that the bank trading floor, one of the most risky areas of banking today, not only serves a crucial purpose in financial markets, but also incentivizes individuals to take risk. With that incentive in place, if a bank doesn’t have a strong risk management culture and framework, there are many people who will happily operate in the “grey zone”.  Remember these individuals are incentivized to take risk and this “reputation risk” is just another one of the risks they take.  In the meantime, regulators are supposed to be mitigating these risks but have historically often succeeded in running to keep up with an ever changing financial landscape and causing sometimes damaging unintended consequences as a result.

BBC Radio 4 A Good Read with Harriet Gilbert October 2012


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