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Lectures and Training

How to be successful in Financial Markets:  What are the roles and responsibilities in financial markets and how can a new graduate identify the right place for success.

Advice for Entrepreneurs:  From one entrepreneur to another, lessons learned and celebrating the ups as well as the downs.

Women in Finance:  Is there a gender issue in financial markets or just a perception issue?  Let’s discuss.

Educational Articles

Introduction to Counterparty Credit Risk May and June 2013
A series of articles about counterparty credit risk in derivatives.  The first is about interest rate swaps.  SCI Article 1 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk The second is about credit default swaps.  SCI Article 2 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk.  The third is about cross-currency swaps.  SCI Article 3 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk.  The final article is about risk management of counterparty credit risk.  SCI Article 4 TDuhon Counterparty Credit Risk

Judgement and Mark to Market Accounting.  Published February 2013
Article by Terri Duhon published by American Banker

The value of liquidity.  Published January 2013
Article by Terri Duhon published by TradeWeb

B&B Structured Finance

Founded by Terri Duhon in 2004 to provide expert financial markets education to the finance industry.

B&B courses focus on the practical realities of the market, rather than taking an excessively mathematical or academic approach. The courses are discussion and case-study based rather than pure lecture, allowing the participants to think through the products themselves and thus gain a more intuitive understanding of the market.

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